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Why Lowther-Rolton

We Are The Originators Of The Technical Audit For Load Movement Schemes. Our Services Cover Modularization, Constructability And Structural Design.

Providing the best possible quality of engineering and advice, Lowther-Rolton serve the Oil and Gas, Refining, Midstream, LNG, Power Generation and Mining sectors.

We advise our Clients during all phases of projects both large and small. Lowther-Rolton’s leadership has effectively raised the bar for safety and quality, whereby results previously considered impossible are now expected.

We can help select the best construction strategy, methods, load movement equipment, and Contractors, to maintain safety while giving your Project a competitive edge.

When original technical drawings, calculations, method statements or planning is required, we can prepare fully realized, field ready procedures and design packages.

Our Technical Audit provides complete analysis of proposed operational methods, a design check of the associated engineering aspects, and positive resolution of errors, omissions and unmanaged interfaces.

We continue our Technical Audit at the operational locations, ensuring compliance with accepted procedures.

Our full time staff are equally trained, skilled and experienced at original design, document preparation, and Third-Party Technical Audit and Project assurance.

Lowther-Rolton’s safety services include auditing, Safety management systems, risk assessments, operational safety inspections and training.

Our Services

Project Management

Lowther-Rolton’s Project Management services are intended to augment and extend the existing talents of our Client’s team. By adding our expertise in the crucial early phase of a Project, our Client is empowered to more effectively control the heavy lift and transportation aspect, leveraging techniques such as modularization and fully realizing their Project goals.

Technical Audit

Acting on behalf of our Client as part of their risk management system, we undertake a comprehensive review and analysis of proposed heavy lift and transport procedures. We also perform independent design checks of the associated engineering aspects. The Technical Audit continues to the operational locations where we monitor compliance with accepted procedures, providing a continual project assurance and troubleshooting presence.

Structural & Design Engineering

Lowther-Rolton’s innovative team of Professional Engineers design temporary, permanent and specialist structures. We design rigging arrangements and components. We provide a wealth of knowledge and practical experience to provide safe, efficient, and constructible designs for our Client, regularly using techniques such as FEA modeling. Our structural design services can be used as part of a Project, or as a standalone service.

Lift & Transportation Planning

Lowther-Rolton’s engineers are familiar with modern construction equipment. Using this expertise we prepare and document safe schemes, ensuring successful operations. We use in-house standards and methods together with the latest software to precisely detail, calculate and document each aspect. Critically, we ensure our documentation communicates the information needed by construction crews and supervisors to implement the plan safely and accurately.

Safety & Training

Lowther-Rolton provides uniquely customized and sustainable safety services including auditing, management systems, risk assessments, operational safety inspections and training. We identify and document health and safety risks to your personnel, property and reputation both office and field operations-based. We develop the appropriate health and safety documentation, systems and training programs.

Site Services

Whether for monitoring compliance with an audited and agreed plan, or implementing our in-house designs, Lowther-Rolton’s personnel integrate seamlessly with our Client and the engineering and construction teams at their offices or on site, proactively protecting the Safety, schedule and quality of operations. We frequently become a magnet for remaining or emergent engineering tasks to assist our Client in meeting their targets.

When lowther-rolton are engaged our Client's Project managers are liberated to pursue high level project goals while our technicians, engineers, and representatives ensure the safety of shipping, transportation, lifting and installation activities both at the construction site and remote locations.


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We are uniquely specialized Professional Engineers in the specific field of heavy load movement: marine shipping, land transportation, lifting and installation of large, heavy and indivisible loads.

The service we provide can be adopted at any stage of a Project from FEED through engineering development to construction.

Our systems and work processes are tailored to suit all Projects from engineering routine maintenance tasks to strategizing the largest mega-Projects which take place worldwide.

Our heavy lift consultants and engineers are experts in their field with extensive experience in refining, petrochemical, LNG, power (Nuclear and fossil fuel), on-shore/off-shore, bridge and structural construction industries, and more.

To us, success is making sure that our Clients succeed. We respect their philosophy of continual improvement and commit ourselves to ensuring their safety and success.

That is why Lowther-Rolton has been successfully delivering added value services to our Clients’ Projects since 1987.

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