Safety & Training

Lowther-Rolton has a dedicated workforce of proven H&S professionals and support staff providing specialist and customized H&S services to our global client base. With differing backgrounds and languages our team is ready for the multi-national nature of large-scale construction projects. We offer a wide variety of options and a flexible approach to your H&S challenges. We guarantee delivery of customized, sustainable and cost-effective solutions, tailored not just to the needs of your organization, but to satisfy the demands of legislative requirements and those of industry best practice.

Our team of trainers, auditors, advisers and consultants are proven and respected H&S Professionals, who collectively provide many years of practical experience and bring to our clients tried, tested, sustainable, and customized H&S programs and solutions.

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What Can You Expect From Us

First Party Design

  • Lift plans
  • Rigging arrangement and detail drawings
  • Axle load and Ground Bearing Pressure calculations
  • Transport arrangement drawings
  • Rail car loading and securement drawings
  • Gantry lift & jacking/skidding schemes
  • All work backed by calculation
  • All design work by Professional Engineers
  • All work thoroughly checked/approved
    prior to issue

Project Management

  • Feasibility studies
  • Constructability expertise
  • Procurement support
  • Modularization and Preassembly strategy

Third-Party Verification Services

  • Technical Audit
  • Technical supervision at site
  • Mechanical and Structural design verification
  • ASME/OSHA compliance checks

Sectors Served

  • Land Transportation
  • Marine Shipping
  • Construction
  • Refining/Oil and Gas​
  • Petrochemical​
  • Fossil Power Generation​
  • Nuclear Power Generation​
  • Renewables/wind farms​
  • Mining
  • Infrastructure