Project Management Services

Independent Advice From Professional Engineers during the construction of your project

The installation of your largest equipment items is a critical element to the development of your project influencing safety, quality, schedule, and cost. For these reasons, advice from the experts is so important.

Here at Lowther-Rolton, we offer Project Management, design, and Technical Audit services.

Project Management Services:

With decades of experience in Owner, EPC, Contractor and consulting roles, our staff appreciate the challenges faced by those engaged in the heavy construction industry. Starting with the strategy development during the crucial early days of a Project, through engineering, planning and safety-critical construction activities, until the final act of commissioning. This is why our diverse team of Professional Engineers, project managers, and technicians can support you using technical and practical experience throughout each phase of the project.

Construction Strategy


Feasibility Studies




Procurement Support & Management

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What Can You Expect From Us

First Party Design

  • Lift plans
  • Rigging arrangement and detail drawings
  • Axle load and Ground Bearing Pressure calculations
  • Transport arrangement drawings
  • Rail car loading and securement drawings
  • Gantry lift & jacking/skidding schemes
  • All work backed by calculation
  • All design work by Professional Engineers
  • All work thoroughly checked/approved
    prior to issue

Project Management

  • Feasibility studies
  • Constructability expertise
  • Procurement support
  • Modularization and Preassembly strategy

Third-Party Verification Services

  • Technical Audit
  • Technical supervision at site
  • Mechanical and Structural design verification
  • ASME/OSHA compliance checks

Sectors Served

  • Land Transportation
  • Marine Shipping
  • Construction
  • Refining/Oil and Gas​
  • Petrochemical​
  • Fossil Power Generation​
  • Nuclear Power Generation​
  • Renewables/wind farms​
  • Mining
  • Infrastructure

Construction Strategy

Decisions made at the concept phase stage remain influential throughout detail engineering, during construction – even into commissioning and plant operation. Lowther-Rolton can help form the strategy and instill the engineering processes and procedures required to ensure its success. Clients frequently appoint us early in a project cycle to offer a wider vision of construction techniques such as modularization and pre-assembly. We assist the attainment of goals which may be a combination of improved safety, quality, cost or schedule. At this early stage we can influence engineering and design aspects, ensuring the success of the chosen strategy.


Lowther-Rolton are pioneers and champions of the modularization and pre-assembly techniques. We work with Clients to understand the specific drivers to modularization, finding the optimal mix of off-site and on-site pre-assembly for each individual Project, large or small. We are aware that modularization disrupts the usual technical work-flow and project control systems of EPC contractors; however, when engaged as part of the team, we use our extensive practical experience to assist the Project to obtain maximum value from the technique, avoiding inefficiencies, design errors, rework and missed opportunities. To suit our Client’s requirements, we have promoted and successfully implemented minimal on-site welding between module piping since 1991, where a primary requirement to the success of modularization is accurate dimensional control.

Feasibility studies

Each Lowther-Rolton feasibility study is prepared after extensive coordination with the Client. We are responsive to their needs and concerns, ensuring that our schemes and designs meet or exceed their expectations. We promote adoption of safe and proven equipment and methods. We focus on flexibility, so that reliance is not placed upon a single construction technique or piece of equipment, maintaining choice and a competitive environment during Project development. We also undertake comparative studies to define the ‘pros and cons’ of each proposal, culminating in a report to support our Client during crucial decisions. Our advice, being independent, considers a range of equipment options which is not influenced by any Contractors’ specific preference.


Lowther-Rolton’s determination to provide our Client with superior outcomes leads to an approach which values adoption of innovative construction techniques. We have demonstrated, and it has been acknowledged by Clients during past projects, that we can utilize proven equipment and methods in innovative applications. This may mean proposing a gantry or SPMT installation method, where previously crawler cranes had been proposed, leading to enormous cost saving to the Project. Our structural design capabilities ensure that concepts are realized into a safe, economic detailed design.


“Constructability” defines the ease and efficiency with which structures can be built. Lowther-Rolton continually prioritize this central concept. We promote Construction led design, so that the weights, dimensions, structural designs and features of Process equipment and steelwork is designed to be in accordance with established parameters of each load case to be encountered during handling. Our constructability studies examine the routes, ports, and construction areas to determine their suitability to support the movement of this equipment. We identify corresponding transport and construction equipment which is available and economical. Beyond construction we provide studies to demonstrate the constructed plant shall provide ease of access for maintenance and expansion projects.


Lowther-Rolton recognize that getting the precise technical details of a critical operation correct is a necessity, but also that success is defined by a wider criteria. Safe planning for heavy lift and transport operations, particularly those implemented in ‘live’ process environments, must include detailed scheduling, risk assessments and documented procedures for communications between groups, hazard mitigation in the event of an incident, weather monitoring, evacuation plan in case of process upset during the operation and more. Advance presentation of the planning to all stakeholders is crucial to gain approval to proceed, and to ensure no unexpected situation will result in costly delay to the operation. Lowther-Rolton’s attention to detail and decades of experience ensure that these plans and procedures are prepared whenever we are involved.

Procurement Support & Contractor Management

Lowther-Rolton’s familiarity with heavy lift and transport Contractors and their equipment can be leveraged to assist the crafting of accurate schedules, budgets and construction contracts. We assist our Client during each step in the tendering and procurement process, where decisions about contracting strategy and Contractor selection for load movement bear a strong influence on project outcomes. When L-R’s input defines optimal construction techniques, and the load movement methods required to achieve them, flexibility is maintained. This ensures that the construction and logistics Contractors who may be employed remain in a competitive environment during Project development, ultimately leading to the placement of robust and economical construction contracts.
We strengthen and empower our Client during their interactions with specialist construction contractors, by virtue of our independent expertise and unbiased advice.