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About Us

As a leading consultant, specializing in Construction Technology and heavy load movement, we provide independent engineering and health and safety services to the oil, gas, power generation, mining and civil industries.

We work with our Clients during the planning and implementation of their construction, expansion, maintenance, turnaround and revamp Projects.

Our structural engineering and heavy lift consultants are experts in their field, with extensive experience in refining, petrochemical, LNG, power (Nuclear and fossil fuel), on-shore/off-shore, bridge and structural construction industries, and more.

To us, success is making sure that our Clients succeed. We believe in our Clients’ missions and commit ourselves to their safety and success.

That is why Lowther-Rolton has been successfully delivering added value services to our Clients’ projects since 1987.


With the experience of decades behind us, we shall use our insight to craft efficient, practical strategies, methods and designs for our Client. We shall blend proven methods with innovation to forge continuous improvement.

With Safety as our guiding value, Lowther-Rolton shall continue to contribute to our Client’s success by optimizing the planning, development, engineering and implementation of heavy lift and transportation activities.

Using our technical skills and know-how, we shall provide the highest quality of Professional Engineering.

We shall be a fully independent service to the oil, gas, power generation, mining and civil industries during their construction, expansion, maintenance, turnaround and revamp projects.

Lowther-Rolton have served our Clients consistently for decades on a worldwide basis. We introduced the concept of the Technical Audit to the industry and consider that we have played a part in the increased standard of professionalism and safety now seen in our sector. However, we strive for continual improvement.

Our Clients, including BASF, BHP, BP, Shell, Marathon, WorleyParsons, Foster Wheeler and Siemens view us as problem solvers and as the standard bearers for excellence during the planning, engineering and execution of their Heavy Lift and Transport operations. By bringing our knowledge and experience to a Project, thus enhancing safety, we also deliver the additional benefits of improved productivity, reduced down-time and optimal outcomes for all stakeholders.

Our services are applicable to the construction of new facilities in addition to revamps and maintenance / shutdown / turnaround projects at existing locations. We work to meet our Client’s requirements on relatively small projects and also on the largest mega-projects which are executed worldwide.

The company’s focus is to provide our Client with the best independent advice available for construction and load movement. Our complete independence from all contractors, equipment suppliers and other organizations allows us to focus directly/exclusively on our Client’s needs, protecting their interests at all times. Our presence during a Project ensures that conventional construction techniques are employed efficiently, or where benefits are available are replaced by more innovative methods.

We have developed a philosophy of providing expert advice based on properly engineered solutions. We seek solutions using our extensive knowledge of the latest construction techniques and equipment, based on a full understanding of our Client’s needs and objectives for each individual project.

L-R offer our Client a commercial advantage by eliminating the potentially biased advice otherwise obtained from equipment suppliers and contractors.

Safety culture

Lowther-Rolton (L-R) continually strives to maintain our best in class performance in relation to Health, Safety, Quality and the Environment.

Safety is the primary Value maintained throughout our work, and all other considerations are treated in a manner consistent with this philosophy.

L-R is in a constant state of Safety awareness and our Senior Management team actively and consistently insist on a strong culture of Safety within our organisation. Our staff are equally committed to this philosophy and understand that open communication and effective teamwork are important means to ensure its successful implementation.

We recognise that our objective is to deliver World Class construction and engineering services of the highest possible quality and to protect the Health and Safety of the general public, our employees, our partners, our Clients. We work in a manner which minimises impact on the Environment.

We maintain a culture of excellence and open communication, leading to strong coordination and effective teamwork at all times.

This philosophy has resulted in the Company maintaining a 100% safety record, completing all projects without incident, loss or insurance claim since being founded in 1987.

We consider that Safety and Production working in harmony leads to the optimal Project outcome.


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