We Provide Professional Technical Audits

Risk Management & Incident Prevention 

The collective expertise at Lowther-Rolton is largely directed towards eliminating, controlling and mitigating risk in the office environment, prior to any operations being passed to the site for implementation. Our attention to detail in the planning stages is a fundamental contributor to the success of our Client’s Project. When engaged as a Technical Auditor, we make it a priority to scrutinize and ensure the validity of proposals, ensuring that operations may be completed safely. With risk management as a focal point of L-R, you can be assured that operational plans, engineering aspects, and interface issues shall be positively resolved.

Uncompromised Construction Planning  

Lowther-Rolton’s lifting and transport schemes ensure all facets of the job will be systematically documented. This demonstrates our commitment to obtaining the best possible outcomes for your Project, with uncompromised safety designed into the plan. The elimination of errors and omissions has always been an important factor in our line of work, which is why our work is backed by calculations prepared by specialist Professional engineers.

Our primary focus on safety delivers the secondary benefit of efficiency, ensuring your Projects may be completed on time or ahead of schedule.

To learn more about our technical auditing services get connected with us today!

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